A small part of the greater good

Diseño sin título

Saturday, Aiken, South Carolina.

The trees are all in festive mode: wildly orange, red, dark brown, and light green. Nature is screaming in a chaotic frenzy of colors.

This incredible show of shades surrounds my morning runs without ever seeing the painter’s presence arranging such tonalities.

Everything happens when no one is looking. Nature is an old Banksy, always keeping its underground profile. 

Every day is a journey in color.

Every day I want to take a picture, write about it, talk about it.

Every day I am drawn by this majestic unseen presence,

arranging its melodic eruption of shades.

In the same invisible way, I sometimes feel that our sense of goodness develops, like a hidden instinct.

Pictures are always flashing through our inner eye from the repercussions of our actions, some more evident than others.

Our brain has ways of recognizing when we are about to do something, like an unapologetic inside mirror. It is a bridge to the things we did yesterday, trying to keep us in perspective about the things we are about to do.

Some of us can see, feel, and react to understanding these images; some of us don’t, myself included. Sometimes, it feels as if we were always under the influence of an inner architect or designer trying to reach us. A higher I, that keeps active our desire for understanding goodness.

Like Master puppeteers, we pull specific behaviors, always choosing north or south, left, or right, often choosing good over evil.

In similar ways, without hoping for praises, Nature acts, balancing the survival of all species. When we observe this flow, we allow our planet’s beauty to clash with our inner truths. This coming together becomes part of our subjective evaluation. Paying attention to this clash helps us see our other “I” in action.   

These little moments of self-awareness calm the constant urge to put things in perspective, of understanding the presence of life’s impulse inside everything around us.

“We only need to depend on some basic principles for goodness,”—the shaman screams

There is nothing to be seen or needed to be understood, shift the outcome of the action towards goodness. Like us, Nature is merely following a predisposition design for moving forward into the beauty of the chaos.”

It is possible, that destiny doesn’t need to have a specific end, if you know and practice your inherent desire for creating good.

Go beyond the paradigms of good vs. evil. Do not judge how others project their lifelines and concentrate on your sound assessment.

On this Saturday morning in South Carolina, I realize that Nature never judges who she is going to touch with her charm.

Nature has no issues with your neighbors’ dogs poop on your front lawn. Or if you haven’t paid your rent because you helped a family gain financial freedom. It is irrelevant to mother nature whether you sent a hundred dollars to a child’s family in an impoverished town in Africa, or if you paid for the shelter of a family of four in Asia.

Nature doesn’t count how many times you told someone you loved them, or how much of your day you have spent serving others. Life doesn’t keep track of our failings or our goodness. She nurtures us. She brings all her creative chaotic presence into the garden of our lives without much complaining.

Nature brings peace in the understanding of organized chaos responsible for the flow of living. She offers comfort and an incredible sense of creativity for manifesting our desires for goodness. Therefore, the importance of understanding how to nurture this desire is so crucial. We must return the favor, towards ourselves, towards each other, and towards her.

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