Our Own Noise

our own noise resized

Change does not come instantly. We are already experts on the subject. Living in societies that thrive on “who gets it done first” or “who achieves the highest” has turned our sense of self into a never-ending struggle to survive between what’s best and what is a must. We are the test subjects of campaign slogans, slaves to the inner doing of hundreds of marketing gurus, and hundreds of sales strategies.

Daily, more than two hundred thoughts are running in our minds, related to some of the most potent product campaigns dominating the visual atmosphere of our lives. Whether through our use of social media, TV programming, or the ads and billboards threw at us, we have accepted these visual polluting agents of control as part of a standard and contemporary 21st-century lifestyle.

In the middle of all this picturesque colorful landscape of mixed media and science fiction “Total Recall escape to paradise ads,” there is our “stop and let me be” fights for independence. Our I don’t want to survive amidst the noise, I want to be my powerful noise way of redefining where our attention is heading.

Some called this the “not giving a f…” maturity stage. Even if the wording itself might seem to carry a little bit of a teenage cliché, it is still a good starting point for change. It is a more genuine representation of who is directing and who has the leading role of our original movie.

After all, we are who “redefine which I we think about when we say I,” like Ram Dass used to say when confronted with some of the different questions about self-awareness and the masks we decide to wear in our journey. “We are continually changing how we redefine our own “I” hood.”

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself during those small instants of self-questioning or if you don’t care about such encounters with yourself. Most psychologists recommend that during some inconvenient afternoon, we try to face our mirror.

You do not have to be the cicada emerging free on its volatile tendencies for companionship.

Nature stops at nothing to achieve its most important purpose: it doesn’t matter how long a seed hides from the rays of the sun and the embrace of water. Once all these factors do their get together, the seed will produce the most fantastic spark of life. Don’t deny yourself the realization of your true nature. It is you who continually defines You.

Every book that saves itself from the fire of time carries in its heart a straightforward equation, a direct message, becoming the most engaging communication tool. Therefore:

  • Listen to that mystical song once again
  • Hear those age-old poets who took nothing for granted
  • Be the other side of your worries
  • Have that bottle of wine even if means breaking the rules

When the monarch butterfly leaves its crystal dreaming capsule, it reaches its destination even if it never does. Nature cycles have their ways of attaining Buddhahood faster than our minds, and they know that their beginning is also their end. This perspective gives them the power to be independent of the rest. Time controls us, in our fear of being absent; it is how we have learned to relate to something outside of us.

I, too, have found myself blinded and entertained by a daily dose of visual stimuli, caught inside Orwell’s most fascinating tale of social conformism. We all know how hard it is to be the infinite number in the crowd. To be significantly different is to destroy all those one thousand and one masks.

But the moment comes when we cannot separate ourselves from certain realizations. We must also resolve to move with a different force, that we must find ourselves feeling a different rhythm, attaining a better sense of purpose. I also try to engage my noise differently, whether in a new set of ideals or within a different source of joy.

Change is hard; we all know that, but it is also inevitable. Falling for that inevitability is the lover’s quest. Nothing but the acceptance of change and our engaging in its reforming nature can help us move away from the fallacies we believe to be true.

Take the hardest road. The destination is closer than you think.

Momentarysynopsis is the view and viewer in a constant shifting dance. Be the moment and its changing force.

Remember that a wave is an ocean pulling towards itself. But it is also the intention of the eyes upon it.

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